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COVID-19 could lead to an epidemic of clinical depression

(THE CONVERSATION) Isolation, social distancing and extreme changes in daily life are hard now, but the United States also needs to be prepared for what may be an epidemic of clinical depression because of COVID-19.
We are clinical psychological scientists at the University of Washington's Center for the Science of Social Connec ... (full story)

Longtime Summit County Juvenile Court staff member to retire

He has been a part of the Summit County Juvenile Court team ever since Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio took the bench on Jan. 1, 2003, but Don Ursetti will soon bid the court goodbye.
The longtime director of community outreach is retiring on April 30.
“It has been a privilege to work with Judge Teodosio, who I truly believ ... (full story)

What early Christian communities tell us about giving financial aid at a time of crises

(THE CONVERSATION) Sometime in the late second century A.D., Christians in the city of Rome organized a collection to send to the followers of Jesus in the city of Corinth.
Modern-day scholars don't know what the crisis was that prompted the donation – it could have been a plague or a famine. What they do know from fragm ... (full story)

9th District appellate court reverses field sobriety test ruling

The 9th District Court of Appeals recently reversed an order that suppressed evidence gained as a result of field sobriety tests.
Case summary shows that on Nov. 24, 2018, a Medina police officer stopped a vehicle driven by A.C. based on a suspicion that she was driving while under a license suspension.
The officer noted a m ... (full story)

Accordion-playing judge uses music to overcome personal tragedy

<span style=Accordion-playing judge uses music to overcome personal tragedy
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Barberton Municipal Court Judge Todd M. McKenney often describes what he does on the bench as improvisational theatre.
“Improv is similar to being a judge because you’re always changing to the facts being presented to you,” he said. “I’ve joked that I’ll stand on my head and look cross-eyed at ... (full story)