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Man who started fire after stabbing women won’t be resentenced

The 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the sentence of a man convicted of fleeing with his three young children after binding two women up with duct tape, stabbing them and lighting their apartment on fire.
Allen A. Crawford challenged the duration of the indefinite term of 33 to 38 and one-half years sentence impo ... (full story)

Building trust among parents and teachers is key to reopening schools

(THE CONVERSATION) A New York City mother said she kept her son in remote schooling during the pandemic because she believes city education officials "lie a lot."
"These buildings are old and don't have proper ventilation," she explained to journalist Melinda Anderson. "They don't have the supplies they ... (full story)

To teach AI how to handle new situations, change the rules of the game

(THE CONVERSATION) My colleagues and I changed a digital version of Monopoly so that instead of getting US$200 each time a player passes Go, the player is charged a wealth tax. We didn't do this to gain an advantage or trick anyone. The purpose is to throw a curveball at artificial intelligence agents that play the game.
Our aim ... (full story)


Court delays execution of inmate who slipped through cracks

COLUMBUS (AP) — The Ohio Supreme Court recently delayed the execution of a convicted killer whose case federal public defenders said slipped through the cracks of the legal system.
Death row inmate David Martin, 36, had been scheduled to die May 26. The Associated Press reported last year that he went without a lawyer for ... (full story)

Lawmakers seek long-term limit on governors' emergency power

Lawmakers seek long-term limit on governors' emergency power

As governors loosen long-lasting coronavirus restrictions, state lawmakers across the U.S. are taking actions to significantly limit the power they could wield in future emergencies.
The legislative measures are aimed not simply at undoing mask mandates and capacity limits that have been common during the pandemic. Many proposal ... (full story)