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Column: What will fans talk about without sports?

Going a week without watching sports used to be a dare. It's the new reality.
A quick glance at today's TV sports listings provides all the confirmation you need. It looks like the departure screen at the airport during a blizzard:
Efforts by sports leagues to contai ... (full story)

The marquee NCAA Tournament matchups that could have been

<span style=The marquee NCAA Tournament matchups that could have been" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

Seton Hall's Myles Powell and Marquette's Markus Howard went head to head during the regular season in a pair of games befitting two of college basketball's most dynamic players.
The potential for a third meeting washed away with the cancellation of the Big East tournament, then NCAA Tournament.
Fear of the coronavirus has t ... (full story)

The new reality/fitness at home

COVD-19 has instantaneously presented us with a host of life-altering challenges. And what with social distancing necessitating that we stay away from our neighborhood fitness facilities––and/or those fitness establishments undertaking indefinite closures ––we’re suddenly left in a kind of fitness limbo ... (full story)

Democracy in overtime: Candidates await virus-delayed votes

<span style=Democracy in overtime: Candidates await virus-delayed votes" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

CINCINNATI (AP) — Political campaigns in some U.S. states have been switching gears or are in limbo awaiting decisions on voting plans after elections were postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Candidates lacking cash and prohibited from staging rallies that are considered mass gatherings have been forced to turn ... (full story)

Strength training and the endurance athlete

Are you one of those endurance athletes who gets so wrapped up in your sport that you sometimes neglect those ancillary components of training like your strength work?
Unfortunately, that’s a situation which is not at all uncommon. Heck, even when a coach like me is behind the wheel doing all the workout programing, chanc ... (full story)