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Consider doing a webinar

Consider doing webinars, if you don’t already. Live webinars can be a great way to connect with present and potential clients. They can give a value-add to present clients, and potentially shake the bushes for new ones.
Of course, if you present something boring, you may have the opposite effect.
So here are some tips ... (full story)

Monitoring your online reputation

We’ve talked about the importance of being aware of your online reputation. Most of you undoubtedly have a good one, but you never really know until you take a deep dive into the topic. How, you ask? By going to these sites.
Here are several resources for tracking down your online rep, thanks to the folks at Search Engine ... (full story)

More tech equals better pandemic survival for small firms

A report just released by the legal practice management company Clio indicates that solo firms (which I’m extrapolating out to small firms) survived the pandemic better the more tech they had onboard.
The report breaks the firms out into three categories and tracks their income over the last year: firms that did not have t ... (full story)

Ohio appeals courts to roll out statewide case management system

All Ohio appeals courts will soon be connected to a new case management system from Thomson Reuters called C-Track.
“The new system is rolling out now,” said 11th District Court of Appeals Judge Cynthia Westcott Rice.
Rice is the newly elected chief of the Ohio Courts of Appeals Judges Association.
“ ... (full story)

Law firm podcasts part 2

Part 1 of this two-part series on podcasts gave an overview of what a podcasts are and where they might fit into the law firm communication environment.
This part will talk about how to go about making and distributing your won podcast.
To begin with, take a look at some of these law firm podcasts. Probably they are beyond w ... (full story)